Dear Mr Melchers,

Now you understand how Medallion Corporation employees and Sherbourne Site management may be held criminally and civilly liable for deaths or other such "adverse events" occurring as a reasonably forseeable consequence of receiving injection of an artificial spike protein gene therapy. You'll also note that Medallion Corporation has definitively shown that information posters may only be posted on the premises of the residential complex about 565 Sherbourne St.

You have seen that just a few of the reasonably foreseeable consequences of such injections are listed at SherbourneSite.org and specifically at Testimonials which will flesh out the PUBLIC NOTICE about the Euthanasia Clinic recently hosted by your client:


Posters have been popping up all over the Sherbourne Site ushering tenants to get their Mandatory Euthanasia treatment, without disclosing the significant risks involved in this experimental gene therapy. Unfortunately, your client has not removed them, which is a demonstrable wish to be held liable for an adverse events sustained by tenants of your client's Sherbourne Site rental property. Enclosed is some fan-art commemorating your client's choice to usher the Goyim to their Euthanasia Clinic. Prison is the least severe penalty when dealing with War Crimes. Check the penalties in the International Court of Justice. Capital punishment is an option, I dare say.

Can you find Waldo in the artwork?

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