Drift the Grift — Contextual realization matters, my dear friend...

To all the men out there who have been alienated from their children by the mother of their children, and are liable to be carrying that burden of desperation...

  • As a father or a single mother, want you to know that in the end.. love and duty will triumph, for our dutiful denial has its resonance. Do not participate in the alienation by engaging in conflictual attempts, do not be bitter or angry, do not shit back on the other parent when you may have the opportunities to see your kids, and do not wage wars using our children as extortion against your husband or wife, your friend or your partner.

One day your child will seek you out for answers... likely after they are away from your "reasonable" co-parent.. and only our child will know the truth.

  • I do not know what the fuck is wrong with you, my friend, who will USE OUR CHILDREN as WEAPONS to counter whatever FEAR OR LOATHING YOU HAVE FOR ME, YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME.

Those who know Kelly well know what she claims to have personally had to endure, and that her BUT BABIES WERE ALLEGEDLY GIVEN THE FREEDOM TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN OPINIONS ABOUT THEIR FATHER no matter how pissed she has claimed to have been at the fathers.

TO THE ADVERSARY IN POSSESSION... If you are doing this... YOU ARE GOING TO BE REVEALED TO THOSE YOU TREASURE ONE DAY... for your having alienated them from half of themselves, showing off just how much betrayal their "honest" parent is capable right?


Because, I've done my homework, my dear..
who's your partner now?