Drift the Grift — How to embrace your truthful nature...

Are you free to grift the drifter.. or are you going to understand that sometimes the mark acts oddly and perhaps I.. I uhhhh.. DRIFTED the grift?

How, say you? It's almost precisely like drifting our consequence of traction impedance, and we understood (or just felt) that if we ride the drift for this grift, we're going to reach somewhere interesting.

I love you both, guys. Enjoy the ride,
make sure mum lets you get some knowledge of where we came from.




Understand the play, and understand thy brethren... such that the potentiality of there outcome, we can run this operation smoothly without regret because I gave you full notice, my dear.

This is going back on the top of the pile as a public notice of notes, so it's sorta like the margin of our playbook.
Remember what I told you about my approval of your portrayal of me as a monster being acceptable..
just so long as it's done to protect our children, and/or to verify our network's contingency.

However, this WAS supposed to end upon satisfaction of your needs or TRANSITORY requirements.
Right.. Anne? You know who's got your back, even if my wife is angry at you for your methodology. She doesn't know everything, and so it'll stay unless I get subpoena'd by Caesar.

  • Context matters, you derp:
    • TRANSITORY meaning:
      • 1. lasting for only a short time: 
      • 2. lasting for only a short time: 
      • 3. not permanent, but temporary.
    • TRANSITORY records are those information resources that are required only for a limited time to ensure the completion of a routine action or the preparation of a subsequent record.


Offender of Fraud Over $5,000 CAD


Persons of Interest