Respect and Trust

  • Event:
    5:00PM on Sunday, August 27th

  • Location:
    3761 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, ON M1W 3S2

We're hosting a private event remembering the Independent Ontario initiative and providing intel about our recent gatherance of the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group, and ensuring the commissory establishment of our initiative after our change in gears.

I am inviting and asking my repertoire of contacts to take it upon themselves, and to invite others to attend who really give a fuck about the future of our homeland, the truly Independent Ontario.

Do you value your freedom? Too few of you understand that we have very little of this, as the powers that be snipe at our most crucial players.

Did you honestly think this was over? We're just entering Round 3.

I love you all, but I can respect only those whom I can trust. Where are you on my list? This meeting is a meeting to audit the merits of who is going to PARTICIPATE in delivering this country from all this devastation and who is more suited to be the cheerleaders.

Attendance will be the first point of measuring your efficacy and intensity as an alliance team member.