Mar24 COVID Fraud: Reasonable Suspicion

  • Editor's Note:
    • This is an initial test run, given that some are claiming that that I'm "..trying to baffle people with bullshit" and such. This arose out of some pejorative comments on some of the articles, and what sealed the deal is actually the fact that I noticed the encroachment of unchecked errors into my calculations.
    • At least this way, I'll be more likely to catch errors before I wind up looking like a retard in front of you all. On a more personal note, I realize that there are words floating around that I'm affiliated with the Russians and or just running a con for Menzies and Rebel, or for alleged drug dealer Saccoccia.
    • You be you, but you've been conned, you do know that right? Just like the rest of us, just some have come realize this sour pill.