Pushed too far...

Okay, I'm fucking pissed. Those of you who know me (Cullen, Vlad, Kelly) know that I've been mostly staying on the sidelines.
I've been observing the Toronto Freedom movement since May 2020, and I've been casually butting heads with businesses enforcing the tyrannical quasi-legal dictates of our provincial Dictator-in-Chief Doug Ford. And personally, when I have been approached by people claiming that "you must wear mask, it is the law" I describe to them the legal framework for the plandemic mandates —generally, that there is NO LEGAL basis for these restrictions— which can be categorically described as organized extra-legal actions intended to cause fear and deter political activity.

But yes, I was mostly fucking with the idiots who've been misapplying the provincial regulations and municipal bylaws. They're fucking idiots, and I derived enjoyment from trolling the shit outta them. I've had run-ins with a few "just doing my job" dumbass businesses, but I've mostly been taking whatever they dish out and not really following up with a counter after our initial confrontation concludes in a negative fashion. This is now going to change. The lulz were good, but it hurts to laugh now.

The incident that broke my considerable threshold for fuckery was on Feb09 when we received an L2 Eviction Order from the Landlord and Tenant Board ordering my wife and I out onto the streets by no sooner than Feb21.

This order (LTB/TSL-21777-21 - L2 Eviction Order) is so fucking unreasonable, and was conducted in such a haphazard and purely malicious manner by a clearly prejudiced member of the Board (Randy Aulbrook) that I've changed my approach.

They were trying to evict me because:

  • "..the Landlord received from other tenants in the residential complex regarding the Tenant (CWT) ongoing preaching to them about his own opinion about vaccinations. The Tenant (CWT) continued to speak inappropriately to other tenants regarding their personal beliefs of the COVID pandemic."
  • "..the Tenant (CWT) does not wear a face mask in the residential complex.. as well as verbally confronting other tenants if they are wearing a mask or are vaccinated."

And then the fucking dumbass makes the utterance that "[they] were provided an opportunity to retain their tenancy by refraining from having unwanted conversations with other tenants regarding the COVID 19 pandemic and their personal choice on vaccinations and masks, to no avail." and further ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $10,681.82 for the crime of wrongthink by nearly DOUBLING OUR RENT and declaring us to be in arrears in the amount of $10,681.82.

On May 3rd, 2021 in an email titled "Medallion's Reality — ROA and EMCPA Violation Admissions" I warned Medallion, that they have "..nurtured and promulgated an environment of unreasonable fear/loathing towards the nude-faced or otherwise non-compliant with the tyrannical rule of morons and brown-shirt nazis. As such, I regret to inform you that I will be counter-suing..."

On May 4th, 2021 (the very next day) Medallion Corporation filed its L2 Application to End a Tenancy and Collect Money. Medallion has a pattern of using the Eviction Notice as a means of causing tenants to submit and surrender their rights in abject compliance.

Enough, I've had enough. You haven't played by the rules, so fuck you. Legally and lawfully, I'm gonna come after you and your sorry as brown-shirt pieces of shit. Rosa Parks said "I'm tired" and for all those normies claiming that "..by protesting, you invited the state to pursue 'cyber warfare and economic sanctions, media warfare and propaganda' against you..."

  • This is a common excuse for rape. The very language serves to deny any agency to the aggressor, suggesting that, while the woman wore the dress as a matter of full volition, her attacker was somehow driven to do it by her actions – which is nonsense. Now suppose she had every right to wear the dress she did, but that dress violated what P took to be standards of propriety, and this led him to conclude she was inviting his actions. I assume this is the thought at work when someone says of a rape, “She was asking for it.” So too, white racists might say of an attack on a peaceful law-abiding demonstration, “They were asking for it.” The problem, of course, is that one person’s “standards of propriety” (“Proper women don’t dress that way,” “Proper Negroes don’t act that way”) is another person’s cultural oppression (“Stay in your place!”).

  • As explored by Michael L. Gross and Tamar Meisels, a war exists when all the following conditions are met:
    • There are two or more organized groups.

    • These groups are engaged in intense hostilities.

    • No party to the conflict and no other third party has the authority and ability to effectively adjudicate between the opposing sides, punish them, and otherwise maintain effective control in the arena of the conflict.

Boom. Whether it be "hard" or "soft," this is a fucking war. Howsoever atypical and asymmetric, we are in the midst of a war. This is the war being waged by the PMO on the "divergent" members of our populace that do not consent or submit to unlawful and cruel mandates and consequent treatment. I do not consent, and I've been playing the long-game, bitches. I hope you enjoy losing, because in the battle betwixt the righteous lowly man and the tyrannical stately dictator, the righteous invariably triumph. Please be encouraged to purchase your own copy of Soft War from Cambridge University Press through their online store here.

Resistance to Evil,
is obedience to God.




I'm gonna enjoy this next part. Fucking morons.