How to deal with stupid (retard) lawyers?

So, yesterday I submitted a formal complaint to the Ontario Bar addressing the vexatious and highly illegal actions of Ms Lici. I've been told by my lawyer friends that the LSO referees are useless, but I told them that even though I agree with what they are saying, I'm required to make every reasonable effort to achieve a cooperative resolution to this disagreement in order to be fully protected if I were to go totally zero-sum on this lawyer and her firm.

Something interesting struck me as I re-read her utterance which I'm not supposed to have because she submitted it in an ex parte fashion. What struck me is her opening:

  • "We are lawyers for Dr. Kumanan Wilson and Ms. Kim Barnhardt."

The tension is odd on this. Rather than stressing that "I am the lawyer for Kumar and Kimberlina" she emphasized it with the "we are lawyers" bit. I can feel her smug pride coming through the message as WOW I'M A BIG BAD LAWYER! It's almost like she wants people to know that yes, she really IS a lawyer, contrary to what one might believe upon looking over her disposition.

I dunno, struck me oddly, that. What're your thoughts, my furry friends? I almost think it would be more of a fair match if she squared off with Dr Yaniv. At least they'd be matched for skills, right? What do you think will happen as I square off with The B Team?

  • PS: The offending information is in the fucking phonebook. So go fuck yourselves, Kumar & Kimberlina.

You can download my shoot-from-the-hip middle-finger to the Kumar & Kimberlina v Chad Notice-of-SLAPP directly from this Covfefe Bakery Cafe or just perv the historical embed mirror'd below. Or read, share, and re-share the SEO section below. You know you want to, just fan the flames a little bit..

Date: 20210521 0349EDT
From: Covfefe Bakery SecOps, Matilda Lici File <>
To: Law Society of Ontario, Complaints <>
Cc: Retard Lawyer Unit <>
Re: COMPLAINT re Matilda Lici — LSO #79621D

Dear Complaints Officer,

We're just giving you a head start on dealing with the fact that Matilda Lici has, apparently at the request of her clients, attempted to extort our ISP to deplatform our services, or otherwise breach contract with a threatened CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. I think that's called extortion, and there is an exception where a threat of civil legal action is not considered a threat for the purposes of the Criminal Code, but there is no such provision for a threat of criminal legal action.

Or something, I'm no lawyer, right? Moreover, Ms Lici has paraded around her allegations as a statement of fact in her attempts to coerce or otherwise intimidate my hosting service to disclose additional information and/or breach contract. I'm not pleased. I have a brief collection of relevant details at the enclosed links, so you would be well advised to deal with her internally with a suspension and fine or something. This is really reflecting poorly upon the Law Society and the firm which apparently endorses her actions.

From what I gather, this is called Tortious Interference or something. It's really frowned upon when a licensed lawyer conducts themselves such. It's also frowned on when they engage in an unlawful SLAPP suit outside of proper channels such as court. I couldn't believe the sheer hubris of this lawyer when it was rought to my attention just what she had been sneaking around and trying to further diminish my character with the unsubstantiated rhetoric that I am, in her own words:

  • ..disseminating conspiracy theories and baseless and defamatory accusations about Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt. He has doxed Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt by publishing their home address and personal phone numbers (which are not available through ordinary legal sources) to a wide audience without their consent, and inciting his audience to use that information to harass them..

And she goes on to brazenly claim that I have been adjudicated guilty under "..sections 22 and 264 of the Criminal Code, R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46.." and she has lawful excuse (such as an endorsed warrant, court order, or other such issuance from a court of competent jurisdiction.)

  • ..we put you on notice that the above-referenced registrant is using your service provider as a conduit for illegal conduct, and we demand that you take action to remove the offending content, specifically, Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt's home address and personal phone numbers.

Her roughshod utterance has tarnished my reputation and affected my personal confidence, and has furthermore caused me fear exercise of my legal and lawful fundamental rights and freedoms. This lawyer has caused me substantial emotional and professional injury. I have been assaulted for my exercise of mandatory mask exemption, have been threatened with eviction for my prima facie exemption from the mandatory mask policies, and now I find out that I have been slandered by this "lawyer" whose behaviour is endorsed by your organization.

I don't really know how I'm going to go about this, probably using a variant of Anti-SLAPP ordinance, or a simple and straight-forward lawsuit for the tortious interference such as described as 'Tortious Interference with Contractual Relationship'. Could you fair referees at the Law Society please make sure Ms Lici ceases to commit actionable torts upon myself or my associates? Thank-you.

--Chad W. Testes*

(*Name withheld for fear of reprisal such as further assaults on my person and/or threats of eviction or otherwise being forced to sit at the back of the bus. Ms Lici as a sub-contractor for the Crown, has a somewhat reduced expectation of privacy. I am a private citizen, and wish to remain anonymous but for the above indicated pseudonym in any communications or subsequent proceedings.. you will please respect those wishes.)

    - Rocco Galati, QC
    - Denis Rncourt
    - Chris Weisdorf

This is some fanart derivative from a 1991 Research monograph about Aboriginal Equity in Oz. It seems slightly appropriate, given that we're not in Kansas anymore and the patients have literally taken over the institution. I'm glad to see that Shibley Righton LLP is doing its part for social inclusion and inclusion of the mentally disadvantaged in their community. I do think that they need a proper minder for Ms Lici, cuz I have the sneaking suspicion that left unchecked, she's gonna put them in a tough spot.