Closed by Sunday April 16th

Alright sweetheart, that's fine. I apologize for how I have handled you improperly. I'm closing the sites by Sunday April 16, 2023 and just gonna re-sell the domains I still have and what-not. I'm sorry, and I love you. I hope you're able to get into a proper relationship without me to mess shit up for you. Mea culpa. I'm sorry I messed up your life, so this was really stupid of me. I'm sorry, and I should be able to get you the funds by the weekend. I can liquidate the investments, yadda yadda.

I'm sorry, but I'll always love you. I'm sorry I ruined your hope for a proper life that mum would have appreciated. -Chad



The wife and I had come back together after I did 69 days of time. We were attempting honourable reconciliation, but my wife yet difficulty understanding her choices.

This detainment of the tenant has caused a severe head trauma (6+ staples, recent scar tissue on the rear left side of his skull, dizziness, and injured collar bone) which has resulted in a condition which has impacted the male tenant's ability to act in a timely fashion, while recovering from these injuries sustained in TSDC. This includes the detention facility's confiscation of, and failure to return, his precious (over $1,000) 14k gold + white gold wedding band.

Now on April 1st, 2023 Stacy stormed out of their apartment and ordered Chad that she would call the Police or Building Security if Chad did not let his wife walk out on him again. She is still hanging out with her family in Etobicoke, because she doesn't NEED her husband as she can supplant him with her brother.